CloudStar 360 while competing with 17 other sub contractors for a very large effort with a federal agency over the last several years has proven to be among the highest performing, consistently providing very responsive service and quickly resolving technical or program management issues that arise. CloudStar 360 is counted on to cover the full range of program skill sets in areas from Service Desk to Electronic Data Warehouse (EDW) analytics support. They established an exceptional track record as a premiere firm, providing quality solutions and effective management of projects, requirements, and commitments.

Cloudstar360 is a boutique project IT services firm providing our clients with the right sized team or resources when needed. What separates us from the others is our ability to keep current with the talent. We are a nationwide organization headquartered in the Washington DC area, servicing both the federal and commercial marketplaces. In today's rapidly evolving IT infrastructure environment, new cloud based technologies are driving the innovation and creating a new competitive landscape. Taking advantage of these new technologies is challenging delivery mangers to look outside their current full-time staff to drive these new projects, and get the results they desire. Cloudstar360 addresses the challenge of delivering great talent. Allowing delivery managers to access our project teams focused in today's most demanding technologies, Cloudstar360 drives down the overall project costs, by having the right professionals, at the right time, for the right amount of time Our fast service-focused attitude improves organizational success. 


CloudStar360’s experienced team of delivery managers allows us to produce like we are one of the “big boys,” competing and winning against much larger competition consistently. We invest in state of the art tools and continuously train our delivery management team for the rigors of today’s unique environments. We employ the “best of breed” strategies, driving a consistent flow of terrific talent to our doors.


As a “boutique” firm, with less overhead costs, we have a strategic advantage over our larger competitors as we are able to produce at a lower rate. We pass along those savings to our clients in the form of a better rates and more creative pricing options. Producing the win win results we all desire.


Great resources are always in play. It’s in our client’s best interest to quickly identify project opportunities, and providing the runway for effective implementation. Having the right tools can make all the difference in winning or losing great talent. Cloudstar360’s strategy is supplying our team with the absolute best tools available in the marketplace to produce with speed, paying higher dividends to the client.


Being in certain technology marketplaces allows CloudStar360 to have the depth in those areas of expertise. Greater depth means a higher understanding of the marketplace for emerging technologies. The real benefit to our clients is the right team for the right price. If your needs are outside our specific technology areas, our team of delivery managers will use the same tools and apply the same processes to quickly see if we can be of service.